Airport & Cable Internet

Posted by: gshocked

Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 04:30 AM

Hi,<br>maybe someone can help me...<br>I just installed my airport card on my 15" flat panel iMac so I could connect my powerbook to it.<br>I use a cable modem at home.<br>I cannot log my powerbook on to the internet via airport. A network has been created and I can transfer files, but I cannot log onto the internet.<br><br>I use my powerbook at work and connect it to the internet via my ADSL connection at work. It works all of the time.<br>does someone have any ideas?<br>I just cant figure what I am doing wrong?<br>thanks<br>Gary<br><br>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 09:53 AM

Have you told the iMac to share its internet connection? If not you need to go into the sharing system pref, then click on the internet tab and then click "share your internet connection with airport equiped computers". This only works in Jag though... <br><br>"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman<br>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 12:45 PM

Thanks, but I did click the " share your internet connection with Airport equipped computers"...<br><br>It is funny, but my powerbook tries to establish a connection with my iMac, until it times out after a minute. It wont even try to establish if I change some of the other settings...<br><br>I am wondering if I need a second IP address from my internet provider Shaw Cable?<br><br>thanks for your help....<br><br>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 01:08 PM

Well, you definitely need a different IP address for each computer, but the iMac should be sending it to the laptop for you if you have internet sharing turned on. Also make sure you have "Airport" selected in the network panel on the laptop with DHCP in the configure settings. Then in the "Airport Tab" make sure it says to join specific network and your name and password for the network are correct. If it doesn't work, try setting it to use the "network with strongest signal" instead.<br><br><br>Visit Me At My .Mac Site
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 05:43 PM

Thanks MacG,<br>I checked all of the things you mentioned and they seem to be as you describe. <br><br>I have since brought the powerbook back to work and it works with my work ADSL connection. I wonder... Would the fact that my cube at work is hooked up to a router have anything to do with me being able to hook up at work, and not at home?<br><br>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 05:46 PM

In order for me to get hooked up I had to call my cable ISP. They spent 5 minutes and then I was on!<br><br>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/25/03 05:53 PM

Your iMac is a router. That's what the "share the internet connection with other airport equipped computers" does for you. It should automatically assign an ip address to your Powerbook if it's set up to use the airport card via DHCP. I have my G4 (Jaguar) sharing it's internet connection wirelessly to a PC laptop with XP (yes I'm embarrased to say that here) and a Powerbook with 10.1.5. Try deleting the internet config plist on the powerbook and rebooting, then try to connect again.<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Beniitec on 02/25/03 12:55 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 02/27/03 02:08 PM

thanks for all of your replies... I have not had a chance to work on my powerbook Airport problem as I have had classes after work all this week. I will try tomorrow night...<br><br>my isp emailed me and said that my wirelss card would assign an ip #.<br><br>thanks again and i will keep you all posted...<br>Gary<br><br>
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Re: Airport & Cable Internet - 03/01/03 03:41 PM

Thanks MacG, I resett all the settings last night just like you had suggested:<br><br>"Then in the "Airport Tab" make sure it says to join specific network and your name and password for the network are correct."<br><br>I was not using a specific network before, so I did so last night and I was up and running! I am not sure why it was not working the other night, but it is all good now!<br><br>Thanks everybody!<br><br>