Airport Express Question

Posted by: walzuhair

Airport Express Question - 05/29/08 09:17 PM

Can it be used in bridge mode, the same as the Airport Extreme?<br><br>I'd like to use it as a range extender, and don't know if it was possible.. DHCP, NATing, MAC filtering, and internet access is done by the main Airport Extreme.<br><br>[color:blue]flick</font color=blue>[color:red]r</font color=red>
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Airport Express Question - 05/29/08 11:04 PM

Yes it can. You'll want to reset it first probably.<br><br>------>#1 - JD's Trivia game<br><br>------>#2 - MM-MCF Trivia game
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Airport Express Question - 05/29/08 11:28 PM

I have two Expresses repeating the signal from an Extreme Base Station. Works like a charm.<br><br>[color:red]&#63743;</font color=red> [color:orange]&#63743;</font color=orange> [color:yellow]&#63743;</font color=yellow> [color:green]&#63743;</font color=green> [color:blue]&#63743;</font color=blue> [color:purple]&#63743;</font color=purple>
Posted by: Pete

Re: Airport Express Question - 05/29/08 11:30 PM

Yup, sure does. I actually have mine repeating from a Linksys router...<br><br>[color:red]Work With ____!</font color=red>
Posted by: walzuhair

Re: Airport Express Question - 05/30/08 04:12 AM

Great.. Thanks everybody <br><br>[color:blue]flick</font color=blue>[color:red]r</font color=red>