Airport Express...Help!

Posted by: Clark

Airport Express...Help! - 04/30/08 02:43 AM

I have a friend who has Airport Express.<br>Problem is she is losing her internet connection.<br>As a matter of fact she now has to check her email from her friend's pc.<br>She says that when she unplugs her Airport Express it asks for numbers.<br>She has had some success at unplugging and replugging her cable modem.<br>Any ideas?<br>Thx<br><br><br>
Posted by: carp

Re: Airport Express...Help! - 05/03/08 06:17 PM

Is she on the wifi part or plug direct??<br><br>I had some problems too but its NOT with the express - In general its more with the cable company, sometimes its sends a bad packet that seems to knock the express out.<br><br>Just yesterday the cable went down for a minute -> reboot the cable modem -> reboot the express -> reboot the iMac in that order fixed everything.<br><br>
Posted by: Clark

Re: Airport Express...Help! - 05/03/08 11:10 PM

Wifi, Carp.<br>Okay, I'll relay that. Thank you, Carp.<br><br><br>
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Airport Express...Help! - 05/03/08 11:45 PM

I know it's not yours but if you can get an exact error message from her it may help, not sure if the numbers are for WEP or what.<br><br>Does she have success when she unplugs the modem as in taking power off of it, or is it unplugging the Ethernet cable that goes from the modem to the AE. How long does the success last?<br><br>------>#1 - JD's Trivia game<br><br>------>#2 - MM-MCF Trivia game
Posted by: Clark

Re: Airport Express...Help! - 05/04/08 01:54 PM

Thanks for your help but I've given up.<br>I can't get any good answers from her and I don't live near by.<br>I finally just told her to make an appointment at the Genius Bar of the nearby Apple Store.<br>But thank you.<br><br><br>