BlackBerry Wireless Devices

Posted by: walzuhair

BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/17/08 12:55 PM

I'm considering enabling BlackBerry with my carrier to be able to access work related emails at a faster pace.. I was wondering if anybody here uses it and can share their experiences with us..<br><br>Thanks<br><br>[color:blue]flick</font color=blue>[color:red]r</font color=red>
Posted by: mojo_jojo

Re: BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/17/08 01:29 PM

I am on my second BB. Currently using the 8700 model. The only thing I really like about it is the ability to get work related email's in real time. As a phone it is mediocre. Rarely use the browser capability, ATT is still way too slow. But the email function I cannot do without. Communication with my office and clients is much more productive. <br><br>
Posted by: walzuhair

Re: BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/17/08 03:12 PM

Thanks mojo_jojo.. <br><br>My Nokia E90 has BB features and I read about BB's email push abilities, and I thought it would be much better than my current pull method (POP3).. I currently do my mobile emails/browsing/voice/video/SMS over 3.5G, I just hope it's not a different network.<br><br>[color:blue]flick</font color=blue>[color:red]r</font color=red>
Posted by: carp

Re: BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/17/08 05:28 PM

I don't have one but all the top managers at work does.<br><br>Yes like what Mojo said - the phone part is not that stellar - I do get lots of emails with a tag = "Sent from Black Berry"<br><br>My observation;<br>Seems to me the navigation could be better - Its fun watching them scroll, push button, scroll, scroll, push button, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, push button - make conference call <br><br>
Posted by: DLC

Re: BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/17/08 08:56 PM

AJC Vent today - "My Blackberry just turned into a Lemon !" <br><br>David (OFI)
Posted by: Morom

Re: BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/17/08 10:50 PM

I have one for work purposes, and I have to say that it's great. I have the 8820 that has GPS and international functionality, all of which is great. The GPS comes in handy after I downloaded the Google Maps client, as then I don't have to pay a service fee to TeleNav which was included on the BB. <br><br>Not to mention the ability to get work emails any time and any where is perfect. I was in Germany/Rome for two weeks vacation recently and while I was on the train or tram in-between destinations I was checking and responding to emails like I never left the office. Needless to say much easier then not knowing anything about what is going on at work until you get back and have over a thousand emails to respond to...<br><br>----<br>Stupidity is like nuclear power. It can be used for good or evil.... and you don't want to get any on you.
Posted by: walzuhair

Re: BlackBerry Wireless Devices - 02/18/08 03:24 AM

Thanks everybody for the info <br><br>[color:blue]flick</font color=blue>[color:red]r</font color=red>