Home wireless network

Posted by: MacBozo

Home wireless network - 02/04/08 10:37 PM

Well, the new wireless router and my wife's Mini seem to have settled into a positive stasis. There have been no random network drops and no resets have been needed for a week, now. Even on restarts, her Mini joins the correct network as it should. I have noticed that one of the other wireless networks nearby is now "locked" when it wasn't before. There is still one unprotected network near enough for her Airport card to "see," though.<br><br><br>
Posted by: macbeemer

Re: Home wireless network - 02/04/08 10:59 PM

When I was visiting in NC, my daughter, while awaiting cable services installation, would drive 5 miles to hang out in the parking lot of the public library to catch some wifi. I showed her "macstumbler,' and we caught 32 networks on the way home. 13 of them were open, and 3 of them were within 100 yards of home. <br><br><br><br>Don't be too circumspective - you'll end up traveling slower than the speed of life.
Posted by: max_walker

Re: Home wireless network - 02/04/08 11:10 PM

In the UK someone was recently prosecuted for 'stealing' on the basis of unauthorized access to a neighbours home network - they were 'discovered' sitting in a car near the house with the car windows covered<br><br>