Airport Extreme

Posted by: OneTraveler

Airport Extreme - 01/07/03 10:19 PM

SO- i have cable modem and use Airport to network the computers together in the house (none are hardwired to the cable modem). Would I have any real advantage to switching to Airport Extreme? Or would that just be a case of me wanting to have the newest stuff?<br><br>Also, would the new Airport cards (which are smaller than the old Airport) fit like in say a new iMac?<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Airport Extreme - 01/07/03 10:23 PM

I believe they will not work with any existing machines, only the new PowerBooks... however, I'm sure Apple will be updating all their machines to have the new connectors to use Airport Extreme.<br><br><br>Visit Me At My .Mac Site
Posted by: bookrat

Re: Airport Extreme - 01/07/03 10:27 PM

The Airport Extreme BS wil be backward compatible with 802.11b (IIRC) but you won't be able to take advantage of any of the 802.11g until you get the new Airport Extreme Card. I doubt the cards will fit into current hardware as the connector looks different but I could be wrong. It looks like we'll need to look at a whole lot of hardware upgrades (or adaptors) before we get to make use of 801.11g capabilities.<br><br>