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Mail Servers - 08/08/01 02:41 PM

This topic has come up before on other forums, but with things often changing and new services appearing (and disappearing) frequently, I was wondering about folks' opinions here at MacMinute.<br><br>My question to everyone is this: What mail server(s) do you use and what features about it (them) do you like?<br><br>For example: AOL<br> Hotmail<br> Yahoo<br> just your ISP<br><br><br><br><br> etc.<br><br>Some offer web access but nothing else. Some offer POP and/or IMAP access, along with web access (or maybe without). Some offer the abillity to send mail as different identities, when using the web based access. Some have calendaring and other file features. So forth and so on.<br><br>So what do you all use? And why?<br><br>
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Re: Mail Servers - 08/08/01 03:41 PM

I have 4 mail accounts.<br>1. My account at work. It is run off of a 840 AV (haha!) This supports POP access only right now. It get's the job done (text, html, and attachments).<br>2. Yahoo. Main account. Web and POP. I can't send a message without recieving my messages first (or attempting to). The SMTP also dosn't support athentication, how dumb!!<br>3. Set it up, uses POP only, never sent or recieved a message through it before!<br>4. Hotmail. I just use this through the web browser, to delete spam. This is my spam account only. If I sign up for something, I give them this address!<br><br>[color:red]-- John Bailey</font color=red> ( [color:red]Bdog</font color=red> )<br><br>[color:blue]Email Me!</font color=blue> [email] [color:green]</font color=green> [/email]
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Re: Mail Servers - 08/08/01 06:32 PM

I have 5 Email accounts <br><br>1. Hotmail Account - i dont use it any more because it has been taken over by spam but i still check it, also i can't stand the new look of the site so i try and not go there vary offten.<br><br>2. Mac.Com accounts they are both persional accounts that i use all of the time. I never have any problems with <br><br>1. @home account I use this for ordering things online. its ok. <br><br>1. account ( on my OS x Server ) works most of the time. <br> <br><br>Oni<br><br>We got death star, We got death star
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Re: Mail Servers - 08/09/01 03:14 AM

I have only three accounts.<br><br>Mny work account, which I use only when I'm at work, but which I forward to my account so I can get the mail at home.<br><br>My ISP account, which I'm now forced to use because they won't allow smtp verification.<br><br>My account, which I can use when I'm in X, but now when I'm in 9.1. The odd thing is that my son, connected via router and ethernet hub to the same DSL ISP, can use his account without a problem. Burns me up <br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: Mail Servers - 08/18/01 03:59 PM

I have a bunch:<br><br><br>2 ones that forward to my<br><br>POP account for work<br>5 or 6 forwards from diff. sites I webmaster<br><br><br>-- j o n k n e e --<br><br>