Mac on PC network

Posted by: ezyrider

Mac on PC network - 04/09/04 08:33 PM

I have the only Mac on a Windows/Linux network. The server I'm trying to connect to runs Windows 2000. I keep getting this message:<br><br><br><br>I can connect to the Mac from PCs, but not visa-versa. My Mac sees all the disks on the network, I can even ping them but I keep getting that error when I try to login. The last place I was at (all Wintel) I had NO problems connecting to a Windows machine from my Mac. I also can't connect to my home machine through "afp://", which I could do at the last place too. Is it a server configuration problem maybe?<br><br>
Posted by: squareman

Re: Mac on PC network - 04/10/04 06:24 PM

I don't know how to help you because I haven't had to connect to a Win network in a few years (Hallelujah!). But when I did have problems I found this site quite helpful in educating the moron IT guys at the company (I always had to find the solution to "it must be a Mac thing"):<br><br>The search for the site is on the left and down the page a bit. It's horribly designed, but I've gotten a lot of help from it.<br><br>
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Re: Mac on PC network - 04/10/04 11:09 PM

Thanks for the link, that should help solve any future problems. I figured out some of the problem. Our IT guy hadn't set up permissions on 90% of the machines I needed to transfer files to, duh. He thought he had. Fortunately I haven't heard "it must be a Mac thing"...yet. At least he's a Linux guy, he was so impressed with the G5 and OS X he's considering getting a PowerBook. 70% of the company uses XP or 2000 the rest are Red Hat Linux and my G5. It's the first place I've worked that even the PC guys hate Windows...everybody uses Mozilla too instead of IE. I'll wager we'll have Xserves and more G5s before too long.<br>