Anybody willing to help with a Now X problem?

Posted by: henrys

Anybody willing to help with a Now X problem? - 04/28/11 11:55 PM

I went to the Now X website today because I messed up the Primary Note in the contact record of my most important record. Basically, I inadvertently erased the contents of that note.

It was then that I learned that Now X had ceased operations over a year ago...I'm always the last to know! smile

I have a Time Machine backup of my Now X database, and was toying with the idea of loading the backup only to copy the note that I mistakenly deleted. Then, I planned to reload the most up-to-date version of the database, and paste the note back into the contact record of my client.

Even in the best of circumstances, I wasn't sure it would work but with Now X out of business, I wouldn't want to chance such an undertaking unless someone out there in the user community thought it might work.

Any thoughts? Any thoughts? Bueller? smile
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Anybody willing to help with a Now X problem? - 04/29/11 02:58 AM

Welcome. As you see it's time to start considering migrating from Now products if you ever plan on upgrading hardware or the operating system. smirk

In theory your plan should work. The purpose of TM is to go back in time.

Just make sure that before you do it that TM has backed up recently.

In worst case if anything goes awry you can restore the whole computer from the last point in time backup. It works like charm too.


You should be fine as long as you keep a copy of the most recent database, which would be available in TM, or you can copy it manually to be sure.