Batch changing "Email1" to "Work Email"

Posted by: ronr

Batch changing "Email1" to "Work Email" - 04/06/10 12:59 AM

I've entered hundreds of contacts when NOW used "Email1", "EMIL2". It seems that most programs use "Work Email", "Home Email" and "Other Email". Is there a way to export contacts into Address Book by changing ALL the email labels, i.e., not doing this one by one?
Posted by: John Wallace

Re: Batch changing "Email1" to "Work Email" - 04/07/10 10:23 AM

The only way I can think of would be to use SQL directly. That may be a fairly complex task. I'll talk to Sheila and Brian about that.
Posted by: ronr

Re: Batch changing "Email1" to "Work Email" - 04/11/10 02:28 PM

Final solution was very basic and low-tech. I just put the e-mail fields in the right columns of a list, opened the details window to the right of that, and just clicked down the list and changed "Email1" to "Work" and "Email2" to "Home" or "Other". And listened to about 3 hours of NPR.

Anyway, worked.