I've registered but haven't received an email?

Posted by: Mark Gilicinski

I've registered but haven't received an email? - 02/27/09 01:23 AM

After completing the registration form, you should have recieved an email from Now Software explaining how to activate your account.

If you didn't recieve this email after 30 minutes, please check the spam folder(s) on your email account. If the email cannot be found, you can request to have the email re-sent to your email address. Do this by going to the registration site http://betareg.nowsoftware.com/ and following the link for "Having Trouble Registering".

NOTE: We are currently having trouble with certain email hosts (Comcast, Earthlink) which are marking our email as spam. If you are using one of them, you may want to setup a free GMail account to receive your registration information.