building off of the previous ITMS thread:<br><br>Apple really needs to provide easy music synching between authorized machines - be it from machine to machine or via iPod ...<br><br>The only bullet-proof method I've found is maintaining a "master" library on one machine, the deleting the library of the other an re-adding music from the master ...<br><br>It would be much easier to use an iPod to synch - or even *gasp* iSynch ... but iPod is married to one machine only and iSynch doesn't do iTunes music yet ...<br><br>Just a thought as I re-add files for the umpteenth time (and at 2440 songs, that takes a while!) ...<br><br>=)<br><br>***matt<br><br>"Nothing says 'obey me!' like a bloody head on a fencepost ..."