the seeds, the bane, the end of it all for the U.S. aye?<br><br>See the similarity,<br><br><br><br><br><br> they all claim to be businessmen.<br>The leaders that let innocent people fall by the wayside and then program another fool<br>into thinking it's alright, it's tradition, it'$ a powermand farce in all honesty is'nt it. A sore that'll infect the future generation, some will rebel, some will become cattle.<br><br>I give you my peice of mind (never flinching when called out) and get your grain of salt out.<br><br>It cracks me up how this GOP cheerleader tries to speak and the words always get stuck if the pressure is there.<br>Weak, not a real leader, just a electoral colledge cokehead fug up making everyone of his 'people' look bad.<br>I still think they'll let another domestic catastrophe take place as to keep in office and bleed dry what's left of OUR money, our lives. Keep an eye on Korea, I don't trust Clinton anymore, he used to make sense in saying 'NKorea would be incinerated', I'm not sure that matters now.<br>It'd be a perfect way to get rid of a chunk of the 'evil' California if the recall does'nt work for the fourth reich.<br><br>A supposed wise man once said<br>Bush is stupid but he surrounds himself with smart people.<br>Yeah OK, they may be smart yet hostages (by debt or threat of jailtime) for things they did in the past,<br>Noriega, IranContra, Columbia private wars, the list goes on.<br><br><br>Creepy how I talk right?<br>Imagine hundreds more hating the GOP Corp., maybe millions.<br><br><br>[color:green]Start all over, stop the bombs and let's begin, to live.</font color=green>