I am helping out with the mosaic, and this is what we are doing, but first:<br><br>David: I was going through the past threads, have not gotten through all of them yet, but I have not seen a volunteer for Mass yet, so if you wanna take that one, that would be great! If someone is doing it already, please say so and let us know. <br><br>YoYo: Yes, Leslie did NJ. John had volunteered to do Florida but I am not sure if he had to opt out or not on that. John? <br><br>I will post a new list in the Special Projects Forum of all orphan states that are left, as well as a list of any states that were taken ownership of, but have not yet been completed. Those participants can then let us know if they still want to do the state or not. People's schedules change, get busier, and this is not an issue. We can take them off your hands if need be. <br><br>There are a few states that are completed, but have not been added to the last map that was posted: Iowa, Arkansas, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Kansas. <br><br>Once we list what states are left to be done, we can start allocating/volunteering for the remaining states. <br><br>When it is completed, we'll post it to a server and let you all know where it is. <br><br>So, I'll put that summary up later on, in Special Projects for anyone who is interested in picking up a state, as well as for anyone who claimed a state but needs to unload it now due to schedule problems - and please don't worry if you need to unload a state, it is completely understandable. All we need, is to know so that we can allocate it somewhere else and finish this up.<br><br>Ok? Ok <br><br>MrsJC<br><br>If the 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

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