Scream the liberty of edjucating everyone on the lies!<br>RRRaAAAHHhhhggghh!<br><br>Basically.<br>It's come down to abuse of technology on all fronts.<br>Man has outdone himself and more innocent will die<br>and just be called casualties, dead for a cause, <br>what cause?<br><br>What point. To show mine is bigger than your's?<br>The body count I made is less than your's?<br>The backlash and malnutrition, disentary, angst, rape,<br>looting, arms trade (full automatics mind you)...<br>that's nothing, it'll go away, not for 20 bucks a AK47.<br><br>IT'S TIME, now, 16 months full of channel<br>towards this tyranny are what we should push.<br>As the true people that work for a solution every<br>taxed day of our lives.<br><br>What the f_ck would Jesus do?<br>What would he say about these freaks?<br>What the hell is anyone fighting for?<br>Our blood is the same damn red!<br><br>Get my bulletproff vest and give me a microphone.<br>FOX cult, you're going down! The million dollar lies<br>are costing Africa millions of lives!<br><br><br>ENOUGH.<br>ENOUGH.<br>ENOUGH.<br><br>Oh the French! There so evil, evil! Unrighteous for not helping us with the oil. At least they help people flee chaos and certain death. Well well, sound like what Jesus would do aye?<br><br>Like I've eluded to before<br>The GOP regime would love to have a Castro regime type of iron fist on types like me and the free thinkers in this country. Guess what, it seems the Euros, yeah those pesky old soccer hooligans are cutting off funding of Castro's version of Cuba. He marched today along with his freak brother (who was always in detention as a kid) in front of the European embassies, Spain, etc.<br><br>And he had his FOX news like tyraid for 4 hours against the Europeans. Although FOX me thinkx is 24 hours a day of brain washing for a 'ruse of being richer' America.<br><br>Never forget that the thug dictatorship in Cuba, 190 miles from Florida excecuted people that never killed anyone or physically harmed anyone. Many journalists<br>are being jailed for acting like U.S. citizens and speaking freely.<br><br>I'm ready, always.<br><br>Open up your mind:<br>http://=<br>Get the box set of 'The Awful Truth' and take notes.<br><br>