Given, of course, that Apple has decided to seal off WWDC this year (keynote aside) with an NDA (a three-letter acronym for non-disclosure agreement) for Mac OS X 10.2, and given that every attendee is being handed out a pre-release 10.2, I wonder how in the world Spymac managed to leak out billions (okay, to be realistic, a dozen or three) OS X 10.2 pictures. What manages to confuse me more is why Aren't Fox has not struck them yet, even 72 hours after these pictures have been up.<br><br>Still, before it is too late - for a few pictures.<br><br>I took a look at them and in essence, 10.2 has modifications in every way - even SysPrefs is overhauled with new tabs. This goes far beyond what's at<br><br>Update - These pics have been removed. Aren't Fox got their way. Dammit.