Hi I am a filmmaker from India - cutting a film on FCP 2. I am using this platform (mac) and software for the first time. The film is an hour & half in duration - and the final cut is ready..we're in the process of patching the film up and adding a few effects and so on...I am facing a couple of problems - that need immediate answers!! <br><br>1. I have grabbed my footage on low res. (25%) (low res option - DV PAL and not jpeg) but from the quality of the footage and the space it seems to be taking (when I grab) it seems that the grabbed footage is on high res. Then someone told me that FCP 2 doesnt actually support low res on DV Pal - is that true?<br><br>2. My film requires some effects - like a split screen and basic dissolves and sometimes I have zoomed in..etc... but any of these rendered effects seems to damage the quality of my film - These rendered images come highly pixilated. whats going on? is this sort of image degenaration common to fcp edtis?? <br><br>please help!<br><br>thanks,<br>Rajani<br><br>PS: I am using - fcp 2.0<br>version: mac osz1-9.2.2<br>built in memory - 512mb<br>mac os 9.2<br><br>