I'm taming this because it was it was too racist for me. tongue

The Maid asks for a raise.

The wife was very upset about this and decided to talk to the maid herself.

She asked, "Now WHY do you think you deserve a raise ?"

Maid: Well, Ma'am there are 3 reasons I deserve a raise. The first is I iron better than you!

Wife: WHO says you iron better?

Maid: Yor husband does !

Wife: Oh YEAH !?

Maid: #2 is I cook better than you!

Wife: Nonsense ! WHO says you cook better?

Maid: Yor husband does !

Wife: Oh REALLY!! . . he does heh !?

Maid: and third, I am better at sex than you are !

Wife is really boiling over with anger, gritting her teeth ! .... "And did my HUSBAND tell you that as well ???"

Maid: No Ma'am... the gardner did!!

Wife: How much do you think would be fair ??