Ah, 3 minutes later I found it. It had been about an hour of dinking around on my own, but after I finally posted I got there. Just different bells and whistles on Sierra.

Anyway, hi to anyone who knows me and clicked.

Hi. smile

I have had a Time Capsule for quite a while now. This is a question independent of Time Machine software.

With my Lion running iMac I am able to see the time capsule in my finder as a disk. I can put files on it and see them and access them this way (again, independent of time machine).

I have a MacBook running Sierra, I want to do the same thing - be able to see the time capsule in my finder, and add files to it as back up, and be able to retrieve them later.

However, try as I might I can't seem to be able to get my Sierra MacBook to see the time capsule except in Time Machine (not my concern) or as a wifi source.

Please help? smile

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