Read article this AM that says the racists are using these statues as rallying props, and NO doubts they are.!

The question in my mind is If you remove them , they'll just create their own or find others... they need NO EXCUSE to justify their awful, heinous behavior ! crazy crazy
i.e. They ARE who they ARE with or without them ! mad

Lastly, I think DT has really stepped in it this time. Doubled and tripled down !!
He speaks of the Alt-Left article compared them to the Alt-Right like a cessna to a C-170 transport plane ! laugh

There's estimated a few 1000 Alt-Left and several 100,000s Alt -Right. i.e. 100X. Also studies following these groups say that :
1. Alt-Right are more likely to attack people whereas Alt-Left damage property. (Neither's great but at least people less likely hurt or killed with Alt-Left)
2. The Alt-Right are 12 X more likely to cause fatalities and 36 X times more to cause injuries than Alt -Left.
3. Alt-Left groups were more active in the 1970's & early 1980s and are much less prevalent now. The exact opposite is true with Alt-Right.
When reading this "voter fraud" came to mind.... yes there's some, but it's very, very small and almost insignificant. ....comparing a pea to a watermelon !