Wasn't sure whether to revive this or stick it under "ANother one bites the dust!"

SO for now Trumpcare , and 'Trumpcare skinny' is DEAD !!

"Ding Dong the pitch is Dead !

Which ole Pitch?

The Mitch sh@#t pitch!

Ding Dong the Mitch sh@#t pitch is Dead !

Sing it high,

Sing it Low,

The Tweetser is about to blow..

Ding Dong the Mitch sh@#t pitch is Dead !" wink

What's amazing is the House and Senate jerks who backed these, talk of how BADLY Americans are doing under Obamacare, how hurt they are financially, and how their Bill was going to "Save the Day" . . . even though it'd end healthcare for ~ 26 Million people and had only 16% public approval ! tongue BUT it was a marvelous Bill ! They're fooking delusional !! crazy