Hey all,

I work at a fairly large company who has tasked me with creating the infrastructure of the apple network.

Everything is running smoothly except for Mobile Home Syncing not working correctly all the time. It seems to work fine upon setup. However a couple days later it will start giving me the follow error message "The sync could not complete because your network home at (null) does not allow writing". We have our network homes stored on a Windows 2008 R2 Box with DFS for sharing. I have tried several different configurations with the home sync settings and none seem to help.

Also another weird issue which could be related is that after a week or two users cannot login to there macs if they have rebooted or gone to sleep. It seems to be waiting on the home sync or some type of authentication. Un-binding and rebinding will fix the issue temporarily.

I have have been reading alot of different articles and suggestions across the web with no luck and figured someone here could be of help.

Please help!!


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