In 1989 the cold war ended.<br>Certain defense corporations did'nt fare so well.<br>Then came the Gulf War 1991, Desert Storm. <br>Then that bubble burst by unprotected commuter jets destroying the World Trade Center. And here we are, perpetually fighting over resources that are not renewable.<br><br> <br><br>from:<br>The Bush administration isn't afraid to mix business and politics, and no other firm embodies that penchant better than the Carlyle Group. Walking that fine line is what Carlyle does best. We may not see Osama bin Laden's brothers at Carlyle's investor conferences any more, but business will go on as usual for the biggest old boys network around. As Mr. Snow puts it, "Carlyle will always have to defend itself and will never be able to convince certain people that they aren't capable of forging murky backroom deals. George Bush's father does profit when the Carlyle Group profits, but to make the leap that the president would base decisions on that is to say that the president is corrupt."<br><br>4mb image:<br><br><br>