I hope someone has had this issue before and has a solution
I'm running a Mac Pro 12core on Mountain Lion 10.8.5, not server because of specific software that will not run on server software, and am trying to get the link aggregation to work using 10Ge fibre. I have 2 x 4 Port ATTO NS14 cards in the main machine and 1 port ATTO NS11 cards in all the other machines. Both sets of cards support link aggregation. All the fibre connect and the activity lights are showing green on all the ports. The problem comes when I create the link aggregation bond in the network preferences. 1 of the machines shows connected, but the rest report a "Wrong Group" error. I have setup all the cards the same and have created the link aggregate on all the machines. All the mtu on the cards are set to Jumbo Packets at 9000. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can change the link aggregate group manually? Or maybe another solution.