I've been sick & tired for the past 2 weeks or more.
prolly lots of contributing factors, diabetes not being the
least of which definitely stress, and lack of drinking water.

I'm at wit's end...
I've tried filtering the local tap water
disguising the taste of the resultant water
only to get sicker from the sugar and honey sweeteners
and finally taken to the only bottled water I can afford.

I've long been hip to the bottled water hoax ...that the
majority of which is actually filtered municipal tap water..
so I scrutinized the label for the SOURCE Crystal Geyser
My "Crystal Geyser" Source is Johnstown, Pennsylvania
over-laying the PA Source Map over the map below puts
it "well" within the borders of Shallow-Well-Fracking
within that particular area of the Marcellus Shale. sick