Is being shown on tv world wide (HLN in the US). The trial is in South Africa. What I find strange is that even though the trial is being heard in English, the 1st 2 witnesses are giving their testimony in Afrikaans w/an English translator. Now everybody in the court room speak both languages fluently. I gather the translator is for the benefit of the tv viewers outside of S.A. Both witnesses speak perfect English but prefer to speak Afrikaans. The first day of the trial, the judge kept asking the 1st witness why not speak English. The witness never did give the judge a straight answer other than she speaks & understands both languages fluently.

I have been to S.A. & did notice that even though English appears to be the main language among the "coloureds, Indians & Asians" tribal language among the "Black Africans" when they speak to each other, Afrikaans is spoken among the "whites" when they speak to each other.
The judge in this case is African Black. laugh