Maybe when you're on the train, you see the people in all the traffic trying to get to the Lincoln Tunnel," Christie told an 8-year-old at a town hall meeting last year.

"When you're governor," he said, leaning in and pausing for comic effect, "they close the Lincoln Tunnel for you. And you get to drive right through!"

The young girl at the town hall had asked Christie about his favorite thing to do as governor.

The serious answer, Christie said - the answer the child should tell her teachers - is that "every morning I get up and I have the chance to do something great."

The fun answer, he explained, is going to New York.

"No traffic! It's the best. I love going to New York now," Christie said, his voice rising in Seinfeldian amazement. "I used to hate it because I'd sit in the traffic. Now, no traffic! I love it!"

The audience in Montville, about 30 miles west of Fort Lee, was rapt as Christie built up his story, and rolled with laughter as he hit his punch lines.