Was up last night surfing channels to find the movie Jack Reacher staring Tom Cruise. Movie based on the character of that name in the 15 or so novels by Lee Child. The book has the protagonist as being a huge tough smart guy. It's part of his demeanor to be 6'5" 250 lbs of menace . They put Tom Cruise in. Yuck

But watched it. And liked it. I first had to put that situation aside and just assume the guy was guy on the small side. After that it was a good movie. Good plot. Similar to the book. Also good is that Reacher had the chance to hop into bed with a couple girls and refused. Also good they kept to the book in one aspect that the Reacher Character is that he does not wait for police to come . He is willing to administer justice himself.

Shoot outs
Pretty girls
Requisite Unbelievable car chase. But no flying busses or even cars. No terrible super human feats like in the Mission impossible.

One of his best , if not THE best, action flicks

Kate, you were right

But I think it would have been better with Ray Stevenson

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time