$1.2 million missing in cash: Swiss Air cargo heist discovered at JFK Airport

$1.2 million missing in cash from Swiss Air flight that landed at JFK.

$1.2 million cash is missing from a cargo container of a Swiss Air Line flight that landed at JFK Airport in New York on Monday. The $1.2 million reported missing from JFK, which is an airport that has had a few cargo heists in its day, like the famous Lufthansa heist, the one that was featured in the movie “Goodfellas.”
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That was the most famous cargo heist out of JFK, according to GMA on June 25, 2013. In Monday's heist, it is believed that the $1.2 million in cash that was in the cargo container was missing when the plane got to the airport, said FBI spokesperson Jim Margolin. In this case police and investigators don’t think that the cargo container was tampered with, leaving them to believe the money was stolen before the plane landed in New York, but it is still too early in the investigation to be sure.

The airline runs three flights daily to JFK, two from Zurich and one from Geneva. The airline declined to say on what flight the money was supposed to be on. Airport authorities are calling this an “active investigation” and they won’t comment any further.

JFK Airport has a long history of cargo thefts. It was just three months ago that detectives cracked an operation where thousands of packages were stolen, in a long-running scheme. The packages were take as they passed through the huge U.S. Postal Service mail-processing facility at Kennedy Airport.