We are all so glad and relieved that all is well. Shel, I went through some really scary medical stuff with my Mom a couple of years ago, so my heart and prayers have been with you. There's nothing sweeter than having your Mom outta the woods. Sounds like she and your Dad have an excellent thing going. God bless and God speed to your family.<br><br>It would be really cool if she came "on board" here. My Mom? Sheesh, she figures (wrongly) she couldn't handle the "computer" experience. But I know if your Mom signed on here, she would be amazed again at how fine it is to have friends and a virtual family only a click away. I sure hope you can get here to come visit.<br><br>Wishing you and yours the very best.<br>Lea<br><br>[color:blue]A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. W. Wonka</font color=blue>