Good morning all,

First, a note to all our friendly spammers. I'm starting to think that capital punishment may be the right course for you. Yes, I am kidding -- but the fact that I even thought that should make you think about the plague you are to humanity. You are not welcome here. Your posts will not last. Just go away.

Now, to our forum members.

In an effort to shut out the spammers, the tweaks we made starting over the weekend caused more trouble than help. We've had to restore the database for the forums back to last Fri as a result -- and this means that any post made since then is not there. I'm sorry for this -- but it would have been a ridiculous effort to restore them completely.

We believe the forums are back now in good shape and that we've actually got new procedures in place to penalize the spammer effort (read as: they get to waste their time yet get no benefit). Maybe this will teach them.

Sorry for the time this took -- it just proved to be a much bigger mess for us to figure out.

Please post any issues in the Site Feedback & Issues forum as you will not be able to post a response on this thread. If you cannot post at all, drop an email to and we'll get it that way.

Hope things are well with you all...


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