Here's the thing, a friend of mine has to work with about 3 or 4 spreadsheets, all of them with some dozens of columns and hundreds of lines (seriously!) and he only need some of the data in those files.

Sure he could copy/paste what he needs to another file (which is what he wants), but it ain't that simple as those files get updated on a daily basis! All of them!!

So I guess my question would be: is there a way to auto-compile the columns/lines with the data he needs on a single spreadsheet? Something that could be updated automatically as soon as he gets the new data?

I thought he could link his file to the others and as soon as he gets the new ones he would close his file, rename the ones where the new data is, get rid of the old ones and replace them with the new ones.

Kinda confusing and it gets worse because my english is terrible, but I'll try again:
The files which have the 'source' of the data would be placed on folder A.
His file with the compiled data would be placed on folder B.
(I know, they could be in the same folder, but just to be easier to understand let's consider 2 folders)

As soon as he gets the files with the new data, he would close his file on the folder B, rename the files he got with the same names as the ones on folder A, replace the ones on folder A, then open his file again on folder B, which were already linked to the ones on folder A.

I thought this could work just fine, but he said it didn't. And I don't know what would happen if the files that are the 'source' of the data got lines/columns added/deleted...

Any ideas? (if you could understand, that is! LOL )