Interesting article. Also, interesting are the comments that follow. Sometime ago, I read something from an "expert" who stated that cats have to be taught at a young age to catch mice from their mother. That there was a narrow time span for this learning to occur. Otherwise a cat will just play with critters it catches.

Me, I don't know.

According to my late sister, cats can be very distructive to gardens. For several years she went to war on some neighboring cats. She tried several things to dissuade the fluffy little beasties to leave her flowers and shrubs and vegetables alone to no avail.

Finally she set out to trap them. She was good at it. She had a Rabit trap or two. When she caught one she disposed of him. Before this she tried to get help from the animal control officer but he wasn't able to do any thing but give advice. I think he told her how to catch them.

From the article was quoted from a representative from a bird group who was demoaning the lss of birds. But from my experience birds and other critters can also be a music emcee {previous was written by auto correct when I wanted to write "nuisance "}. Anyway, the custodians routinely poisoned pigeons roosting around the school. Also squirrels can be a terrible problem. My eldest brother in Denver found that squirrels ruined the wiring in his RV. That prompted his war with squirrels which he conducted the lat three years of his life. He had caught and disposed of 344. After asphyxiating them with a hose attached to the tail pipe of his car he placed the carcuses in his alley where a red fox took them off.

I agreed with some of the commenters. I believe cats stick around human population since that is a source of food. From garbage, which attracts other critters on which cats can prey along with the garbage also. Humans put out feed for birds which, again , attracts the cats , snakes and other rodents, including squirrels.

Interesting article.

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