The movie, Project X, is now running on CineMax.

I believe the attempt was to upstage, Animal House, at the high school level. But the result was just a mess of stunts in the venue of a wild party. Lots of anti-female and anti-teenager exploits. Was meant to be a comedy, I think but though I fast forwarded ove much of it, I found nothing funny at all. None of the pranks were done in a good humored manner like animal house or American Pie

Basically it's about a trio of teen boys from a good neighborhood who throw a party which escalates into a riot.

Then at the end after , maybe $3 million damage the boy's father tells the boy, while a crane removes his Mercedes from the pool, that he is rather proud of the kid.

And to paraphrase Steveg, " don't see this"

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time