Made me wish there was another bus.

This is a film staring Anna Paquin and a bunch of other major actors, about a 17 year old girl who helps cause a bus accident killing a woman, and her subsequent attempt to make the bus driver get his due.

I liked the movie. Though it wasn't exactly enjoyable. Paquin did a good job as did the others.

I guess the movie was ready for release back in 2007 as a three hour movie, but studis and the director were at odds to the length . The director wanted it 180 min but studio wanted it 150min. It was shwn as 150min.

Would have been better with out the extra fluff that was there, like the very long slow motion street footage during the beginning intro and another very long pan of the city which, to me added nothing but stuff. Some scenes contributed nothing also.

It's currently on the COX onDemand.

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We are just wasting our time