I saw this link while on Googe news


First I wondered about the timing. Seems Christmas is already past and this link is wanting us to not serve the traditional meal this Thanksgiving. Hmmm

In the link he says that thans giving meals are boring. Well, I might agree if I served turkey, pumpkin pie, dressing, cranberry sauce etc. every week, but I don't. In fact I normally only serve it during the winter holidays. So it's not boring.

Next he states that the turkey meal is going to be more expensive( no higher than 13% more). Then suggest instead we serve prime rib roast. What. Turkey cost about $15 or less. Serves ten. Prime rib roast cost about $100 serving maybe eight. Actually, for just the meat alone, the entire turkey meal can be served.

Also he suggest we spare the turkeys life if we serve the prime rib. So we kill a steer to save a turkey. Good thinking.

Another boring post, Kate

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time