Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, has resigned from the board, as well as his position at Yahoo. Along with Yang, it is rumored that several other of the utterly disfunctional board will be leaving soon.

This can mean only good things for Yahoo moving forward. But my main concern is what they'll do with Flickr. I love the service, but it seems like whenever these types of situations arise, the "side projects" tend to get killed off or sold. Yahoo never did anything with Flickr after buying it. At one time, it was the largest collection of user-contributed photos on the web before Facebook ate its lunch.

As a side note:
This is why I'm always a bit stand-offish with web services in general - including Gmail. I've been using ifttt, which I love. And recently I added Buffer for delayed Twitter Tweets. Both services are growing fast in popularity - so I'm wondering how long either will remain free, or be around at all.
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