Lol. Woke this AM with the program "Investigating Free Money by Kevin Trudeau"

The "investigator", Misha DiBono (there is a joke here I'm sure) comes on saying she is going to track down and investigate the claims made in his controversial book. Says she is not allowed to have him on the air but can show sow of hs clips. Then she proceeds to check out hs claims. She goes around interviewing people who have got help from his book.

Well, DiBono (love that name) has been on several of his other programs as host selling the book. But here she s investigating him. What a cool scam. Using investigating a scam to continue with the scam.

As what many have claimed, these guys do the usual. Sell a book with outdated and mostly unuseful information. High undisclosed S&H charges. Charging for a monthly newsletter at about $60 per month. Being reluctant in canceling credit card cards. All as part of the scam

But this girl goes from hosting his show to investigating the product. Of course this Is just another paid program as she doesn't find any but positive things to say about the book.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time