I have a MacBook logic board that works great, but nothing else from the MacBook survived. It is an Early 2008 book. As it sits now, its a logic board with RAM and a hard drive sitting on my desk hooked to my 20" Apple Display. What I'd like to do is put it in some sort of Apple case. I was thinking the Original Airport Base Station, or an original Apple TV.

My question is, has anyone seen the inside of the Apple TV, and will it have room to fit the MacBook's logic board and hard drive? Same question goes for the AirPort Base Station, but I don't think it will be big enough. I've never seen either of these two items in real life, so it is hard for me to gauge their size.

The ATV would be cool, because, it would look like a Mac Mini, but thinner. (Of course, I do not intend to stuff an Optical Superdrive in there.) The Base Station would be cool as well.

Any other ideas for a custom case for the MacBook board would be awesome to hear. I've seen the one where this guy put one inside a Macalley external HD enclosure that looked similar to a Mac Pro tower. I even bought the enclosure, but I think I want something else. Something small and discrete enough to attach to the back of my Cinema Display to form my custom iMac would be cool.

As for my AirPort antennas, I am thinking about purchasing some antennas out of the 20" iMac, as I am pretty sure they will hook right up the the card that is on my logic board. Any confirmation on this one?

Thanks for your help and any ideas would be great!