I know that by now you've probably already purchased what you needed, but this may help someone else that comes across this post.

If you are attending college, and even K-12, most software/ hardware companies will give a nice discount for students. I know that both Apple & Windows does this. You may even get a better discount by going through your university/ community college.

I purchased the Adobe CS 5 Creative Master suite (usually a $2,000+ software package) for about $600!!! I also purchased Windows7 (no restrictions) for $90!

Not all colleges or schools offer the same discount (I purchased mine through Phoenix University, directly), but it is still a substantial savings! If your school doesn't offer this, go directly through Apple, (or Windows, Dell, HP, etc) websites. Look for student discount. You have to provide some info to proof that you are a student, (though if your school provides this to you directly, you won't. Just log-in through your school, and shop. At least thats how Phoenix online did it. Took some searching to find the store though). And remember, this is true for ALL Students! Regardless of grade!! You can purchase computers, Software (all kinds), etc! Some universities even offer discounted prices on TV's, Travel packages, etc.!!

I hope this helps save some (or a bunch) of $$$$ for someone! Cheers cool