I am modding a mac mini g4 case to fit a mini itx board. I have an imac (2ghz Core 2 Duo 3gb ram) and it is not doing that good on cod 4 so here i go.
Here is a link to what i have purchased so far. I will update to this album along the way.


List of what i will have in the finished product.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...-051-_-Product- Mini Itx with dual core atom at 1.6 ghz and nvidia ion graphics-159 (geforce 9400m). 160
4gb 1066mhz ddr3 dimms dual channel-40
160gb 7200 rpm 2.5 sata-30
superdrive slot loading-30
mac mini top and bottom cases-70
External dc powersupply (85w)-40

My budget is 400 and that is what it will be.

If you are using this as a tutorial please take out everything on the bottom of the case until it is plastic so you have enough room for all the parts.

This is my plan in text XD.

Top Case
Slot loading superdrive aligning with hole in the top case
Motherboard with ram modules

I will probably cut out the original i/o plate and put in the new one with superglue.
I will put in the motherboard which will slightly stretch the plastic pieces that line up with the top case. It will mount into three of the stubs which should be enough.
Put in ram.
Somehow mount the hard drive on top of the motherboard.
Mount the dvd drive to match the hole in the top case.
Stupid idea but to fit the motherboard i will hammer the top case and try to stretch it .2 more inches to fit the motherboard. I will try to do a neat job.
Mount power supply in the back near the i/o plate.
Finish the job.
This will be a hackintosh running the latest version of snow leopard and if i find the graphics to suck i will somehow put in a pci x1 video card.
Will be used as a replacement for my apple tv which was sold towards parts (very convenient with the hdmi port on the motherboard) and will use with gaming controllers with cod 4.

My hands are very tired from typing. I will post updates here.