Following the wide success of MacGraPhoto graphic applications bundle in 2009, Apparent Software is launching MacGraPhoto 2.

The bundle was launched on 8th November and will be running until end of November.
Many of the included award-winning applications are best in their class and widely known in Mac graphics community. All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations:

* Sandvox by Karelia Software - Easy website building (Apple Design Award)
* Swift Publisher by BeLight Software - Easy page layout on your Mac. Application for designing and printing colorful flyers, newsletters, brochures, etc.(Apple Staff Pick).
* AtomicView by AntZero - Organize your media! Digital content management (Apple Staff Pick)
* Posterino by Zykloid Software - Put your photos to good use!
Creates life posters, photo collages, frames, postcards, greeting cards and more(Apple Staff Pick)
* ImageFramer 3 by Apparent Software - The Mac way to add frames to your pictures (Apple Staff Pick)
* Sketch - A brand new vector drawing application by Apple Design Award winner Bohemian Coding (Apple Staff Pick).
* Layers by Wuonm - Capture screen as a PSD Layered Image (Apple Staff Pick)
* Snapshot by LateNiteSoft - Power of photo lab on your Mac! Editing and printing your digital images has never been easier.(Apple Staff Pick)
* Hydra by Creaceed - Easily create HDR images!
* DVD-Library by iSkysoft: Bonus application for building a photographic DVD Library.

MacGraPhoto 2 costs $39.99 (USD), while the total retail cost of the included applications is $444 - that's 91% discount!

MacGraPhoto 2 has a rewarding friend-referral program that allows users to get the bundle for free.

MacGraPhoto 2 also has an affiliate program that allows websites or users to earn money for referring people to it.

Highly recommended - visit now: http://www.macgraphoto.com