Earlier this month, my wife noticed this on our (her) bank card and emailed me asking why I'd signed up and not told her:

07/02/2010 5734 BLIZZARD ENT*WOW SUB $14.99

That's a world of warcraft subscription, and a pretty common sign someone has your charge/debit card number. They don't actually even have to have gotten your card number, as there are card generators out there. They use it, charge a monthly subscription fee and if it goes through.. well you know the rest. A lot of times these WOW charges are unnoticed, esp since the game is so popular and many people have subscriptions.

If you see any strange charges like this, notify your bank immediately. Unfortunately, this was on hold, and hadn't posted yet and the bank doesn't actually do anything until then.

It posted this morning, and the bank promptly cancelled the card, and refunded back several odd charges that went through as well. There were also 3 more holds for WOW subscriptions, so someone passed that number around!

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