Hi all,

While I've not said a lot here recently, there's been a ton of action going on behind the scenes trying to figure out what's up with some of the issues. The problems are not as obvious as one would think, and the solution has been taking time to put together.

In short, we're on some super fast servers which are optimized for www.mactech.com and www.macnews.com, but not the forums. In addition, it appears that the distributed nature of the optimized servers has introduced some additional issues (like 0 seconds problem, and the new user login).

Some of this might be fixable on the setup -- but we've realized there's a better way, so we've not looked into it.

We're going to be moving the forums to yet another set of servers -- which accomplishes what the first move was about, as well as what we need to do now to make things work more smoothly.

Of course, while all of this is going on, we're in the middle of a ton of other great stuff for the magazine, the sites, and MacTech Conference. Bear with us a bit longer ... but I wanted to give you an update.


Neil Ticktin
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