so, my wife switched to a new computer about 9 months ago (15" Macbook Pro). she upgraded from at Blackbook 13". her original iphone (EDGE only) was synced to her black Macbook. i didin't realize that this was the case as she often plugs it into her new Macbook Pro to charge it (and i assumed it was syncing and backing up). two days ago, i noted that her new iPhone would arrive today and asked her to back up her iPhone. she plugged it into her new computer and later that day she said it had been synced (so i presumed backed up). this wasn't the case obviously because it's still connected to her old computer's iTunes account.

so the new iPhone came and i restored from her previous backup. this gave her about 30 applications, but not all 50 that she owns. i am not sure what's going on to give her even 30. but this also didn't give her any of her contacts, etc. i had previously moved her music to her new computer so that was able to get transferred onto her new computer and email accounts from her current computer got transferred to her iPhone 4 as well. she has more music on her new Macbook Pro than she had in her old iTunes account so i don't want to replace the old account onto her newer computer, but i suspect that will have to happen and that i'll just have to backup the music she's bought on her new computer. i guess the big thing now is figuring out how to get the apps off of the old computer to the new Macbook Pro and also the contacts so they can be synced onto the new iPhone 4. any suggestions?