Hi all,

It's been a truly fun several days ... NOT!  The reasons and issues are complex, intertwined and frankly, don't really matter at this point.  We're working the issues.

Part of the solution is that we're going to attempt to move the forums to a completely different set of servers.  If all works well, they are much faster, and on a much better connection.  The only issue is that they are not typically used for this type of software -- but we think it will work fine.  Time will tell.

When we go to make the move, there will be an extended period of time (hours) that the forums will be "closed".  This will be as we move the database and configure everything.

There's also going to be some propagation time for the DNS to propagate.  If you are on a service like AOL that commonly has issues with caching and DNS changes, then it will take longer due to your provider.

Not yet sure when the move will happen.  Jugglin' a bunch of balls right now, but wanted you to know what is coming.


Neil Ticktin
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