I see, you have proven that if in a well the riser pipe breaks and you fix it the well will work again!

Oil is flowing out of the old riser alright - that's why so much of it has gotten into the ocean. But oil is also flowing into the RITT and the new riser which is why so much of it is being collected in the tanker - my experiment explains why BP are able to do that without a pump.

And you have better technology that BP because your rubber band succeeded where their "series of rubber baffles" have failed.

Not just the rubber band - I achieved a better seal around the tube where it pierced the cellophane than BP have been able to do inserting the RITT into the damaged riser.

BP should hire you immediately. Their well is still spilling.

I'm not actually available at the moment because my students are in the final phase of preparations for their summer exams.