So my GF needed a new laptop, so instead of looking for something new I just gave her a macbook pro (2.16GHz, 2GB ram, 160GB hdd) I got for free and never use much. This one had an issue with the EFI when I got it, and I needed to flash it with a jtag, and it has never been quite the same as a normal mbp... but it seems to work alright. So I'm not sure if this issue is a problem with the laptop or with windows. It always worked fine for me running linux.
Here's what I've done, and the issue:

I installed XP sp2, upgraded it to SP3 with a download from MS. Then used the bootcamp drivers off a 10.5.0 disk. Everything works fine, it will go to sleep the first time on a fresh boot. Wake up fine. But the next time you suspend it, it just does nothing. Sometimes the second time it suspends and will hang the third, but in either case, won't suspend until a reboot is performed. What could be wrong?


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