Evening all,

As you can see, the forums have a new look to make them more consistent with the new MacTech and MacNews sites.

There are still some minor issues to deal with, but for the most part, it appears to be working fine.

Now, typically, when I do something this major -- I get flooded with comments, questions, etc... I'm a bit drowning, so please tell me about the most important stuff, and the minor stuff, we'll push off until later. There's a ton going on.

ALSO, you may have noticed that we've added a set of forums to support the Now Software community. Now Software, as you may have heard, ceased operations this week, and we wanted to help these folks out. We welcome in the Now Software users and customers to our community.

There are more changes coming -- more users, and more forums -- as we continue to "chew" what we bit off in the past several months. But, it's all coming together nicely, and we appreciate your patience.

Any issues that need addressing, please post to the Site Feedback forum, but please do ONE TOPIC per thread so it's easier for us to manage and respond to.



Neil Ticktin
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