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posted by Joe Space

I'm interested to know what other Now users are doing in light of the end of Now Software.

What other products/solutions have you tried?

Which in your opinion is the best?


Thank you!
Joe Space


posted by davebarnes

Calendar = BusyCal (good enough for me, 1 day of use)
Tasks = Things (excellent in my opinion, 1 year of use)
Contacts = Address Book (inadequate, but it will have to do. I will also probably rely more on LinkedIn.)


posted by Wilson Ng

I have close to the same thing.

I am also converting to BusyCal for my calendar.

I've found that using PIMs such as Now X and SOHO Organizer is OK but not great for task management and have used OmniFocus for my projects/tasks.

Then Address Book is for my contacts. But I am using DevonThink Pro Office and created a folder for each contact. That's where I keep my contact history.

Once upon a time, it was nice to have an all-in-one program that did everything ala AppleWorks. But life has gotten more complex in a new century. An example I like to use is records management. Previously I would rely on Now Up-To-Date to keep records of all my bill payments.
I'd have a contact record for my credit card company and it would have my payment history there. Nowadays, I would put a task/reminder on the due date to make a payment (for those payments that don't have auto- billing) on my calendar. I would make my payment and get a receipt. I
would scan my receipt into Mariner Paperless and then just auto-delete the task from my calendar after 90 days. At least I know my receipt scan is in Mariner Paperless.

So I'm slowly accepting the fact that my PIM is no longer able to handle more complex workflows.

Still hoping for a better contact solution. The BusyCal folks are stating that they are considering a contact solution but it will probably be 2011 before they even start working on it if they greenlight the project. It's been a popular request at BusyMac.

Maybe you can give a shout out to the BusyCal folks and if they see enough demand, they might just greenlight it earlier. But I believe they are working on enhancing BusyCal. When development slows down and most of the features are in place, they'll turn their sights to other projects.


posted by Fritz Mills

What I missed most was the menubar access to contact info. I found BdContacts (and BdCalendar) from baddogapps.com. It's not quite as smooth, but it's inexpensive and provides me what the functionality I missed.


posted by Wilson Ng

ABMenu is free. I just downloaded it this morning. It might be something to look at.

Curiously, I haven't really seen a lot of reviews for BDContacts and BDCalendar.